Vacuum Laminating M/C (Rigid to Rigid)
  • Model: XCV72-B5
  • Use of equipment: The machine is used for RIGID&RIGID laminating process, such as laminating LCD PANEL&SENSOR GLASS, LCD PANEL&COVER LENS.
    Widely used in production laminating process of a verity of LCD, TOUCH PANEL.

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  • Process Flow/Tools


    ◆Place the  LCM or SENSOR in the fixture, open the vacuum, and attached firmly.

    ◆Place TP or GLASS into the fixture and align.

    ◆Press the left start button, the 1# platform is move to the lower part of the cavity.  vacuum cavity goes down to press 

    ◆and evacuate. After the vacuum value is reached, the pressure head goes down to laminate.

    ◆2# platform repeat the above 1-2 steps.

    ◆1# platform is completed, the pressure relief and the vacuum cavity rises.

    ◆Press the right start button, the 2# platform is move to the lower part of the cavity, the vacuum cavity goes down to press 

    ◆and evacuate , the 1# platform reaches the discharging position, and manual discharge.

    ◆Complete lamination, pressure relief, vacuum cavity rises, 2# platform reset, manual discharge, repeat above action.