ACF attachment (pre-attachment) machine
  • Model: XCF50-A5
  • Use of equipment: This product is suitable for various LCD PANEL and SENSOR GLASS hard circuit board (PCB/PCBA) and flexible circuit board (FPC, COF, TAB) in FOG, FOB process ACF attachment process.

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  • Process Flow/Tools


    ◆ Start the machine and adjust the corresponding parameters.

    ◆ After relevant parameters set up, the attached products will be placed on the moving platform.

    ◆ Turn on the vacuum, the product is firmly adsorbed.

    ◆ Press the double start , platform moves to  under attaching head, attaching head goes down to attach.

    ◆ The attachment is completed, the pressure head rises, and the pull rod is stripped.

    ◆ The platform returns to the standby position and the vacuum closes.The receiving wheel is started, the cutter group starts to cut. 

    ◆ After the cutting action is finished, cutter is on standby.

    ◆ Repeat the above action.