LOCA (Auto Alignment) Laminating M/C
  • Model: XCT97-C8
  • Use of equipment: The machine is used for HARD & HARD laminating process, such as laminating SENSOR GLASS and LCD PANEL, COVER LENS

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    Auto Alignment ( HARD & HARD) Laminating

    ◆ Put upper-side product on feeding fixture and positioning it.

    ◆ Feeding axis moves to right under pressure head.

    ◆ Pressure head goes down to attach product, feeding axis return.

    ◆ Pressure head moves to CCD photographing position to catch MERK point, then stand by.

    ◆ Put under-side product on 2# platform and press vacuum button to attach it.

    ◆ Under-side product moves to dispense.

    ◆ Under-side product moves to photographing position, photographing and aligning automatically.

    ◆ Upper-side product goes down to laminate, laminating OK, turn on UV light to cure it. 

    ◆ Then reset machine.

    Manual Alignment (HARD & HARD) Laminating

    ◆ Put under-side product on 3# platform, dispensing axis moves to dispense.

    ◆ Platform moves to CCD photographing position.

    ◆ Manually align through X-Y-θ adjuster.

    ◆ Press start button to laminate.

    ◆ Laminating finish and take product.

    ◆ Repeat the above steps.