Company Profile

SUNSOM  is a high-tech enterprise, specialized in R&D, production, sales, promotion, service  touch screen production equipment, TP capacitive screen equipment, LCD equipment and various automation equipment, and a professional manufacturer of bonding machines.

Since its inception, in line with the concept of "high efficiency and practicality", according to the needs of different customers, the company has successfully developed: constant temperature hot press, FOG/FOB hot press, TAB/FOB bonding machine equipment, pulse hot press, ACF attachment machine, automatic defoamer, polarizing film tear machine, polarizing film press, polarizing film paster, etc. Ion hot press, bonding machine, hot press bonding machine, COG equipment, OCA bonding machine, CG bonding machine and other photoelectric plate special equipment. It is widely used in modern flat panel display production process.

SUNSOM  owns:

Hunan SUNSOM  Intelligent Equipment Industry Co., Ltd.

Promotion and sale of photoelectric flat-panel equipment [Shenzhen SUNSOM  Automation Equipment Co., Ltd]

SUNSOM  Science and Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., which focuses on materials, equipment and import and export trade