FOG/FOB Bonding M/C
  • Model: XCH71-A3
  • Use of equipment: The machine is used for bonding variety of FPC、COF、TAB to LCD panel 、touch sensor and PCB.
    Widely used in large-size LCD screen repair bonding, touch screen repair bonding, production bonding and other fields.

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  • Process Flow/Tools


    ◆Put LCD onto platform , then press“vacuum”button to attach product and to guarantee position. 

    ◆Put COF (with ACF) onto turning fixture  , press“vacuum”button to attach COF,  then fixture turns automatically. 

    ◆Align COF and LCD position through adjusting micrometer X-Y-θ three directions .

    ◆Press double “start” buttons, pressure head falls down to bond. 

    ◆Bonding finish, pressure head raises automatically. 

    XCH71-A3 FOG FOB 邦定设备.png

    XCH71-A3 FOG FOB 邦定设备.png

    XCH71-A3 FOG FOB 邦定设备.png