(G+F/F+F) Auto Alignmnet Screen Printing Laminating M/C
  • Model: XCL97-A8
  • Use of equipment: The machine is used for RIGID &SOFT, SOFT&SOFT laminating process,such as lamination between LCD PANEL, SENSOR GLASS, COVER LENS, and OCA, POLARIZER,also can be used OCA & OCA, OCA &SENSOR FLIM laminate.

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    ◆Place the Film products on the cavity, and press the fan button to firmly adsorb (tear the protective film manually).

    ◆Place "Film" & "Glass products" on the flipping board, press the vacuum button, and firmly adsorb (manually tear the protective film).

    ◆Press the double start button, then automatically align. After alignment is done, plate turns 180 degree and locked by locking Mechanism.

    ◆The screen moves to the laminating position, and the cavity is raised.

    ◆The roller rises, moves and laminate. After lamination is done, the cavity unit is reset and go back to original position,the product is removed from the platform manually.

    XCL97-A8(G+F F+F)自动对位贴合机.png

    XCL97-A8(G+F F+F)自动对位贴合机.png

    XCL97-A8(G+F F+F)自动对位贴合机.png