FOG/OLB Main-press Bonding M/C
  • Model: LOA32-X1
  • Use of equipment: This machine is used for kinds of FPC, COF, TAB and Liquid crystal screen PANEL (LCD PANEL), touch screen (TOUCH, PANEL), electronic ink display (EPD PANEL) and PCB multi-stations assembly.
    Widely used in large and medium-size LCD screen (LCD PANEL), touch screen(TOUCH PANEL), electronic ink display(EPD PANEL) for production and maintenance process( such as FOG, FOB, OLB, PWB bonding process ).

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  • Product Details
  • Product Parameters
  • Process Flow/Tools

    FOG OLB邦定设备.jpg

    ◆Turn on the machine and set the corresponding parameters.

    ◆The corresponding parameters are set up, the panel platform moves to receiving position.  Then panel is placed to the loading platform.The positions is fixed, CCD assists alignment. 

    ◆The alignment is fixed , press vacuum button, the panel is attached, Y axis position block goes down, then press double buttons, platform moves to bonding position. 

    ◆Bonding head goes down and bonding time is up, then bonding is completed. Then Z axis of bonding head motor rises.

    ◆Manually download, repeat above actions.