COG Bonding M/C (auto alignment pre & main-bonding)
  • Model: XCG87-A8
  • Use of equipment: The machine is used for kinds of liquid crystal glass (LCD GLASS) and drive IC (DRIVR IC) COG (CHIP ON GLASS) pre-press & main press. Widely use in large and medium-sized LCD screen COG repair, assembly bonding.

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  • Process Flow/Tools

    XCG87-A8 COG邦定设备主图.jpg

    ◆Manually place IC onto IC platform through vacuum suction pen, turn on vacuum, IC platfrom goes to under pre-press head, pre-press head goes down to attach.

    ◆After Pre-press head attaches IC, It goes to photo location, then goes back to orginal position.

    ◆Manually place glass onto platform, attached by vacuum, automatically adjust alignment by CCD.

    ◆Alignment is fitted, pre-press head goes down press.

    ◆Pre-press is done, Y axis moves to under main-press head.

    ◆Main-press is done, goes to standby position. Repeat above actions.