• Model: XCH87-A8
  • Use of equipment: The machine is used for (auto-alignment) pre-bonding and bonding a variety of FPC、COF、TAB to LCD PANEL, also used for Auto pre-bonding and bonding IC to LCD PANEL in COG process.
    Widely used in FOG assemble bonding, COG assemble bonding of large-size LCD and other fields.

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  • Process Flow/Tools


    ◆Turn on the machine, press “reset” button, all moving axis are standby.

    ◆Select “automatic mode”on the touch screen, and then choose “reset platform”.

    ◆Put Panel & Glass onto platform, press “vacuum of platform” to attach.

    ◆Put COF onto fixture, press “vacuum of COF” to attach.

    ◆Press “left & right start-up” button, platform will move automatically to assigned area and photographs LCD bonding position.

    ◆In the meantime, feeding axis move to feeding position, Z-axis move down to absorbing position and attach COF by vacuum.

    ◆Then feeding axis returns to standby status, Z-axis move up to photograph COF and auto-alignment.

    ◆After aligning succeed, Z-axis move down to pre-bonding position to pre-bond COF, then standby after pre-bonding finished.

    ◆Platform moves automatically to main bonding area to bond.

    ◆Bonding finish, platform will move automatically to next assigned area to repeat action.

    XCH87-A8 FOG COG (自动对位)邦定机.png

    XCH87-A8 FOG COG (自动对位)邦定机.png

    XCH87-A8 FOG COG (自动对位)邦定机.png