COG Bonding M/C (Pre- press & Main-press)
  • Model: XCG73-A6
  • Use of equipment:

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    ◆Start and reset machine completed, the movement components back to standby.

    ◆The artificial suction pen put IC to IC platform, open the vacuum adsorption, IC Taiwan movement to preload head below the pre head drop of adsorption.

    ◆After the suction head draws IC, press it down to the camera position and take photos then go back to the starting position.

    ◆Manually place the glass on the platform,  glass is adsorbed by vacuum, manually adjust the alignment by CCD.

    ◆When the alignment is complete, press the start button and preload head goes down.

    ◆When the pre- press finish, the Y shaft moves below the main-press head the finish main-press.

    ◆After the main-press is completed, return to the standby position, repeat the above.