Vacuum Laminating M/C
  • Model: XCV70-A1
  • Use of equipment: The machine is used for RIGID & RIGID laminating process, such as laminating LCD PANEL & SENSOR GLASS, LCD PANEL & COVER LENS.
    Widely used in production laminating process of a verity of LCD, TOUCH PANEL.

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  • Process Flow/Tools

    XCV70-A1 真空贴合机(硬对硬)主图.jpg

    ◆Put lower product on fixture; turn on vacuum to attach it;

    ◆Put upper product with OCA or LOCA on fixture and positioning it;

    ◆Press “start” button, platform will move to beneath the chamber;

    ◆Vacuum chamber moves down, laminating head will falls down to laminate under vacuum station;

    ◆Laminating finished, vacuum chamber and laminating head moves up, platform reset and repeat the above actions.

    XCV70-A1 真空贴合机(硬对硬).png

    XCV70-A1 真空贴合机(硬对硬).png

    XCV70-A1 真空贴合机(硬对硬).png