Double head constant temperature bonding machine
  • Model: XCH80-B3
  • Use of equipment: The machine is used for bonding FPC,COF, TAB to LCD PANEL and SENSOR GLASS, or bonding FPC,COF,TAB to PCB and PCBA in FOG,FOB process.

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      ◆Power on, reset the machine.

      ◆Put GLASS/FILM onto platform, positioning it by fixture, press “vacuum”button after positioning is OK.

      ◆Put FPC on jig, press “vacuum” button after positioning is OK, align by adjusting micrometer manually through CCD.

      ◆Alignment finished, press double “start” buttons, platform moves forward to beneath pressure head, pressure head falls down to bond.

      ◆Continue to repeat the above action.

    XCH80-B3 双头恒温热压机.png

    XCH80-B3 双头恒温热压机.png

    XCH80-B3 双头恒温热压机.png