ACF Laminating (pre-laminate) Machine
  • Model: XCF50-A5
  • Use of equipment: The machine is used for ACF laminating in FOG, FOB process of LCD PANEL, SENSOR GLASS and FPC,COF, TAB or PCB,PCBA and FPC, COF, TAB.

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    XCF50-A5 ACF(主图).jpg

      ◆Starting the machine and adjust the corresponding parameters.

      Corresponding parameters setting finished, put product onto platform.

      Press “vacuum” button, product is attached onto platform.

      Confirm vacuum adsorption, then press double “start” button.

      Platform moves to beneath the pressure head and laminating.

      Laminating finished, pressure head raises automatically, platform back to origin.

       Repeat the above action.

    XCF50-A5 ACF贴附(预贴)机.png

    XCF50-A5 ACF贴附(预贴)机.png

    XCF50-A5 ACF贴附(预贴)机.png