Automatic padding machine
  • Model: XCT98-A8
  • Use of equipment: The machine is used in laminating process of SOFT & SOFT, SOFT & RIGID、such as lamination of LCD PANEL、SENSOR GLASS、COVER LENS and OCA、 POLARIZER、also can be used for laminating OCA & SENSOR FILM

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  • Process Flow/Tools

    XCT98-A8 主图.jpg

    ◆Starting the machine and reset it.

    ◆Put LCD PANEL,SENSOR GLASS or COVER LENS onto the rotatable platform.

    ◆Put POLARIZER/OCA/FILM on laminating roller group, press “vacuum” button.

    ◆Tear the protecting film manually, press double “start” buttons, platform will photograph and align automatically.

    ◆After aligning succeed, rotatable platform was locked by plug after overturning,slant plate moves to right under the rotatable platform.

    ◆After platform moving right in place, the vacuum plate released. Z-axis moves up as well as laminating roller. 

    ◆Laminating group of POLARIZER/OCA/FILM moves right to laminate . 

    ◆Laminating finished, platform go back to origin.

    XCT98-A8 自动对位贴合机.png

    XCT98-A8 自动对位贴合机 拷贝.png

    XCT98-A8 自动对位贴合机.png