Bubble removing M/C
  • Model: XCP52-Q1
  • Use of equipment: This product is used for all kinds of liquid crystal screen (LCD, PANEL), TOUCH PANEL, EPD PANEL and other products bubble eliminating process after the plane bonding process .

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  • Process Flow/Tools

    XCP52-Q1 主图.jpg

    ◆n the operation interface set parameters (temperature, pressure,deforming time) and so on.

    Automatically open the tank flange door, pull out the tray and putproducts orderly way.

    In automatic mode, automatic close flange door, automatic heat, automatic pressure reaches the set parameters, complete desecration

    Automatic pressure relief, flange door is opened automatically to wait the product pull out. The repeat above action. 

    XCP52-Q1 自动去泡机.png

    XCP52-Q1 自动去泡机 拷贝.png