XuChong OLB/PWB Bonding Equipment (Borderless Side Band Machine) XCH78-A6

XuChong OLB/PWB Bonding Equipment (Borderless Side Band Machine)


Product use

This product is suitable for all kinds of FPC, COF, TAB and LCD PANEL touch screen (TOUCH PANEL) electronic ink display (EPD PANEL) and PCB multi-station assembly bonding.

Widely used in: LCD PANEL; Touch Screen (TOUCH PANEL); Electronic Ink Display (EPD PANEL) in the production and maintenance process of FOG, FOB, OLB, PWB bonding process areas.

Especially suitable for FOG and FOB bonding of large size borderless LCD

Product introduction

1: Turn on and click on the total reset platform to return to the origin.

2: Enter automatic mode

3: Click on the total standby position, and the machine axes return to the standby position.

4: Place the glass on the platform, start the vacuum switch on the platform, and firmly adsorb the glass on the platform.

5: Click FOG to start

6: Platform moved to FOG photo location

7: Glass alignment

8:FPC or COF are placed on the fixture and the vacuum switch is activated to absorb FPC or COF onto the fixture.

9:FPC or COF pre-pressing manually after alignment with glass

10: Click on FOG to start, the platform reaches the standby position, the pressing time of the pressing head is up, the FOG bonding is completed, and the pressing head rising platform automatically returns to the standby position.

11: Click on FOB to start, the platform reaches the standby position of FOB, uses infrared light to locate, locate and complete, click on FOB to start, the platform reaches the FOB positioning head to press down, the bonding time arrives, the binding is completed, and the pressure head rising platform returns to the standby position.

Product parameters

Input power supply: AC220V 50-60Hz

Press Head Structure: Double Press Head and Double Cylinder Structure

Rated power: 6.5KW

LCD Battery: Bakelite Battery + Automatic Moving (X-Y Axis)

Working Pressure: 0.4-0.8 Mpa

Program Control: LG-PLC

Press head size: L100mm (customizable)

Size: L2610 * W2032 * H1575 (mm)

Heating mode: constant temperature/pulse (optional)

Fuselage Architecture: One Machine

Applicable Products: Applicable within 85 inches (customizable)

Vision system: CCD up-down alignment

Functional characteristics

1: Double cylinder mechanism, can eliminate the pressure head's own force, high precision output.

2: Press head adjusts conveniently, single direction adjusts independently, fast and convenient

3: High precision slider for platform moving

4: LED light source can be adjusted according to the requirements, suitable for cleaning and imaging of various objects.

5: Infrared lamp is convenient and fast to determine the location of binding area between COF and PCB.

6: Pre-pressing manual valve to facilitate the up and down movement of pressure head when debugging machine

7: Mobile dial lever of platform, no frequent man-machine interface operation is needed.

8: Upper and lower alignment XYZ precise slider adjusts the camera, debugging equipment is convenient, fast, and clear imaging.

9:X-Y axis servo motor drives LCD platform to move precisely to the required binding area. It is especially suitable for batch maintenance and production.

10: Configuration of independent vacuum pump saves air pressure loss, guarantees firm adsorbing of products, and adopts air-plug joint to connect safely and conveniently.

11: COF is aligned with LCD by adjusting X-Y-0 by micrometer mechanism.