Xuchong FOG/OLB (automatic alignment) pre-pressing bonding equipment LOA32-X2

Xuchong FOG/OLB (automatic alignment) pre-pressing and bonding equipment


Product use

The product is suitable for all kinds of FPC, COF, TAB and LCD PANEL automatic alignment pre-pressing bonding, and for driving IC and LCD PANEL automatic pre-pressing bonding in COG process.

Widely used in: large size LCD FOG assembly bonding, COG assembly bonding and other fields

Product introduction

1: The start-up of the equipment [total return to the original] is completed, and the motion axes return to standby state.

2: Enter the man-machine interface, click on [automatic mode], click on [total standby seat]

3: Place LCD on the platform, click on the vacuum button and absorb firmly.

4: Put COF on the tool, click on the [COF vacuum] button and absorb firmly.

5: Press your hands around [start], the LCD platform will automatically run to the correction position of CCD to automatically correct the position of LCD, then automatically run the designated working position or the first working position and take photos of the LCD bonded area CCD to get the bonded area position, and then run to the equal subrogation position.

6: Press the left and right hands again [start], the feeding shaft runs to the feeding level, and the Z axis of the preloading head runs down to the suction level to stop and open the vacuum to absorb COF.

7: After the feed shaft breaks the vacuum, it returns to the standby position, the pre-embankment point (Z axis) rises to the standby position, the pre-embankment platform and the pre-embankment bucket (Z axis) returns to the photographic position, COF bursts out and CCD photographs are automatically aligned.

8: After aligning OK, the LCD platform runs to the pre-positioning point (Z axis) of the photo station and the Z axis of the back bracket penetrate to the state positioning bonding COF, then breaks the vacuum of COF and returns to the standby position.

9:LCD platform will automatically run to the next workstation or designated next workstation to and fro until the required workstation is completed.

Product parameters

Input power supply: AC220V 50-60Hz

Operating mode: 7-10 inch man-machine interface

Rated power: 5KW

LCD Platform: Servo Automatic Memory Location

Working Pressure: 0.4-0.8 Mpa

Alignment mode: automatic alignment

Press head size: less than 70 mm

Thermocouple: K-type

Heating mode: constant temperature

Visual system: C/L CCD*4

Program Control: PLC+Servo+Automation

Size: L1460*W1231*H1780mm

Equipment weight: about 1200 kg

Applicable products: within 85 inches (selected)

Functional characteristics

1: Automatic visual alignment platform, high precision automatic calibration of X-Y-theta

2: Product positioning vision, high-precision positioning of products by institutions

3: Servo-driven COF feeding mechanism, stable and high-speed to adapt to FOG, COG two processes

4: Positioning mechanism, using oblique push positioning mode, can locate accurately and prevent damage to products.